Strange syntax of the function "where"

In frontmatter i have:

inlist: true

This code not work:

{{ range where .Data.Pages  "Params.inlist" "true" }}
{{ range where .Data.Pages  "Params.inlist" "=" "true" }}
{{ range where .Data.Pages  "Params.inlist" "==" "true" }}

Working code:

{{ range where .Data.Pages  "Params.inlist" true }}
        <a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{ .LinkTitle }}</a>
{{ end }}

It seems to me that this syntax is not completely clear and it must be described in the documentation.

I have not studied the docs on this, but an apple is different from an orange; this is a subject of datatypes.

  • true (boolean) is different from “true” (a string)
  • 23 (integer) is different from “23” (a string)
  • etc. …

I would have said that it would be really confusing if your original code worked – and I’m not sure how it could.