Static theme file is not copied to public when built with newer versions of hugo

Trying to run my site with hugo 0.43 (after using the env var workaround from #4851) results in a broken theme. 0.42.1 was also broken. My site works fine if I downgrade hugo to 0.40 (I happened to have this available in homebrew at the time).

When loading my site with the env var workaround and hugo server, I get the following message in the browser’s JS console:

Loading failed for the with source “http://localhost:1313/javascripts/modernizr.js”.

When running with 0.40, the terminal output shows “Static files | 80” but from 0.43 it shows “Static files | 67”, so some of the static files aren’t being picked up. I’m not sure how to dig into this further.

For reference, the theme I’m using is and their example project (with minor tweaks: rename content/ to content/ works fine in 0.42.1 and 0.43.

Any suggestions on what might have changed recently that I should be updating in my config or anything like that?

Of course as soon as I posted I realized one major difference between my site and the example site: mine is set up to be bi-lingual. Removing all the information for the second language made it work with 0.43 so I’m guessing something changed in the language stuff in recent versions, which I still need to dig into.