Start building sites … hugo v0.104.2+extended linux/amd64 Error: Error building site: process: readAndProcessContent: walk: Readdir: decorate: lstat /home/drm/WEBSITE/public/docs: no such file or directorye

Hi, I have that message and can’t build, what’s wrong ?
With or without public folder, the only difference is that he complains about another directory not being there.

I doubt anybody can help you unless you provide more detail. Preferably a link to your repository.

Please fix the title to something reasonable and descriptive and put any relevant information into the messages area. Include your build environment and a link to your repo

Ah, ok.
I my root had become a dangling symbolic link. the error wasn’t very informative imho, but I get that few people use a symbolic link as their root
still, it works just fine. symbolic or hard btw.