Split entry into multiple pages

I’m looking for a way to split a single blog post into multiple pages. I’ve googled “pagination Hugo” but afaik that’s more about splitting the listing of the entries into multiple pages.

Basically I’d like to have a menu at the bottom of the blog entry, showing the number of pages plus arrows (left/right) to skip to the next section. Is that possible?

I’m curious: how long are your posts and why not just create a markdown file per block of content within the longer article?

It’s actually more complicated. I want to publish a comic by splitting it up into several pages, but still make it so it’s counted as a single entry. Hugo is probably not the right tool for the job, but I’m having trouble finding a static content management system that does this. There’s a CMS for webcomics built on php, but I’d like to avoid server-side cms solutions.
A “plugin” or piece of code that allows me to integrate a slideshow-like thing into a blog post would also work, I guess.
Basically I want to avoid posting 20 scanned pages on a single html page.

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Same here. I do lengthy research reports.
Think "Top Ten Radioactive Places"
One post, ten paginated pages… click next to proceed.
I have no ads on my site, but that is where Wordpress guys make their money. Multiple clicks down the train. This is a must have feature IMO.
As per Wordpress:

I used Hugo to make my site and I don’t regret a thing, well, except this issue.
Bravo team