Split .Content not working

Hello guys,

I used to split my content the following way:

{{ $split := split .Content "<!-- split -->" }}
{{ index $split 0 | markdownify }}

Then, someplace else,

{{ index $split 1 | markdownify }}

Since I updated Hugo from 0.48 to the latest version, it doesn’t FULLY works anymore.

You see, within my content I sometimes use {{< shortcodes >}} and if you split your content, on the current version, the shortcode won’t work anymore.

What’s worse, if I use .Content the split won’t work. It only works if I use .RawContent, but then how can I make the shortcode work inside .RawContent??

It was working before…

Can someome tell me what I’m doing wrong or what changed? I’ve been through the docs but I couldn’t find anything about why is doing this.

Much love, stay safe!

Found the error.

I was using "<!-- split -->" to change split my content. For some reason, it worked before and it is not working now. I had to replace that for #split# for it to work again.