Split a post/page up into different web pages with pagination

Hi guys,

Is there is a way that I can split a post/page up into different web pages so that it has pagination?

Same as Wordpress: (more info)

I really need it.

If there is a way to do it, or an alternative, please help me!!

Yes, there is a way to paginate, although I don’t know if it works exactly like the wordpress one. See Requesting Help for one thing, and please search this forum and the docs for information on the paginator.

Hugo’s pagination support is for list pages only; there is currently no way to split a single .md content file across multiple .html files.

…unless @bep snuck it in while I wasn’t looking. :slight_smile:

The simplest way I can think of to fake it is to link multiple content files by a shared taxonomy term, order the pages ascending by date, and set its pagination to 1. If I were doing it, I’d put all multipage articles in a separate section, suppress all output for that section, and make the “summary” for each multipage article link to the appropriate taxonomy list page. And I’d automate it with a script, because it’s a pretty ugly hack.



FWIW, I’m never a fan of those multi-page, but actually single page articles. I always resort to first doing “Print View” for such pages if available. It’s a web page I am reading, not a book! I don’t understand why any article should be paginated in the browser.

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More ad impressions, of course.


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Sorry for the necrobump.

Have there been any developments in Hugo since the OP to support this feature? It really feels like a major omission. Not even necessarily for ad impressions, but just to split up a long post into logical sections, but without each section appearing in the taxonomy lists and frontpage as a separate post. It would be nice to have the option to add markers to a single .md file, something like <----pagebreak----> so as to not have to split the post into multiple files.