Specify permalinks in front matter of post [SOLVED]

I want to migrate a blog from Jekyll to Hugo but there is one problem: I need to specify permalinks in post front matter. Using permalinks for individual posts I can keep URLs for blog posts that don’t conform to the nominal way Hugo creates URLs.

I’ve gone through the docs and it seems this feature doesn’t exist. Is there a workaround?

The permalinks can be set using the slug variable in front matter like this.

To make that work as you intend, you also need to configure the permalinks.post option.

Here’s an example.

Here’s the official help page on Permalinks.

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Thanks! That works perfectly :slightly_smiling:

Actually you should be able to override permalinks using slug or url in frontmatter. This currently doesn’t work for me, but I only just noticed it. Hugo versions 0.27.1 and 0.29 (at least) exhibit this behavior.