Spam protection for E-Mail?

Hi, how can I integrate an E-mail in imprint/footer, that is not visible to spam robots? I remember that there used to be a way to do that in HTML, but I don’t remember it exactly, I am afraid.

How did you do that?

And how did you integrate a form handler? For like a contact form?


there is an excellent cloak email shortcode you can use in your content. You can also transform this into a partial and use it in your templates.


So, as I don’t install via GIT, I just create a subfolder “hugo-cloak-email” in /themes and put the theme.yaml in that folder. Right?

Also, I need to add it as a theme, according to this:
theme = ["hugo-cloak-email", "my-theme"]

And add the shortcode

{{< cloakemail address="" >}}

on my imprint-page, right?

Yes, this should work.

You can also work with the newish Hugo modules or just move the shortcode html file into your /shortcodes folder.

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I tried, but somehow it did not work. I used this solution instead: -> see:

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