Sort And Filter Content With Same Default Date?

Dear All

If I create Hugo blog without any time and date format in the layouts and front matter. So, every posts I made will converted automatically to default date such 01 January 0001.

If I use list.html layout (with sorted by date) for homepage that display all content inside posts and section folder, how Hugo sort and filter my content with same default date?


You can figure that out by doing it. If you have a question about the results, please rephrase your question.

To clarify: we do not troubleshoot hypothetical issues, we assist with use cases.

I tried it on my experiment dummy site. As far as I know, it sorted by published time. I mean, the time when I click publish (commit) button on Github, not published date on file content. But I can’t sure if I’m right or not about this?

If no date or weight or alphabetical sort are invoked in the templates (or as you ask if no date is entered) then Hugo ends up sorting the content files by their filename.


Thanks for explanation.