Some 'table' elements missing in hugo_stats.json

While trying to optimize PostCSS workflow, I came across “PostProcess”. It’s great, really makes things smooth!

PurgeCSS with PostProcess uses hugo_stats.json as given here. In my project, I had some ‘table’ elements like, table, thead, tbody, tr, th, and td. But I could see only table element in the hugo_stats.json file. This leads to PurgeCSS not accounting for the styles I have set for td and th.

Thoughts? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in anticipation.

I advise you to use this Bep’s module as a basis. It works really fine.

And may be look at this thread to see if this is your case, and try the Hugo dev version who provide a fix

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The case you describe is fixed in a Hugo version not so long ago.


Thanks for reply. Running hugo version outputs:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.75.1-A4A7BAB7/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2020-09-15T06:57:20Z

Edit: It’s working with v0.75.1. Thanks @bep, @divinerites !

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