[SOLVED] URLs in sitemap only have 1 slash (http:/example.com)

Interestingly, all URLs in my Sitemaps are somehow missing a / after the http:, here an example:


my base url is properly setup otherwise all links would be messed up.

baseurl = "https://www.loyall.ch"
contentdir = "content"
layoutdir = "layouts"

I’ve found these lines in the hugo_site_test.go which also have URLs like this <loc>http:/example.com/blog/en/sitemap.xml</loc> so I’m wondering if there might be a bug somewhere or if I’m missing something.


You are absolutely right and a proof it isn’t smart to copy the output into expected result without checking it thoroughly first. The test is mine …

Thanks for the heads up.


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Thanks for the quick fix, I’ve just tested with your latest commit and this is fixed.