[SOLVED] URL folder structure not generated in 0.19

I really love Hugo and I am migrating a wordpress blog.
The header of my .md files look like:

title: 'Some new post'
author: author
layout: post
date: 2017-02-20 07:00:39.0
url: /2017/02/20/new-test-post/
  - cat 1
  - tag 1


Up to Hugo 0.18.1, when I generated the site, it generated the folder structured to match the URL:


So the following works fine: localhost:1313/2017/02/20/new-test-post/

After upgrading to Hugo 0.19, this is not the case anymore. Taxonomies are created properly, but individual pages are not generated. The permalinks are correct too. Basically the pemalink for the example above would be localhost:1313/2017/02/20/new-test-post/, but there is not 2017 directory under the public one.

Is this a change introduced in Hugo 0.19 or could it be a possible bug?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Are there some ERROR messages in the log?

I just found the issue. The problem was:

layout: post

in my md files. I removed that line and it started generating the folders structure properly.

There were not errors, but warnings when I run hugo in verbose mode. Without the verbose mode, no warnings displayed either.