[SOLVED] Site URL in index.html still points to example.com... why?


My guess would be that you have one or more files in your original local git repo dir that’s causing this problem. What’s the output of git status in the dir where it uses example.org as the baseURL?

You most definitely do… this is just the (tip_of_the (tip_of_the iceberg)) :slight_smile:

PS: btw you have the same file exported in content/Blog and content/posts.

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There are a few “PSs” that are weird or not setup as well as they should. I am going to keep them for another post here (or ever on the blog itself, I document what I learn this way) and I will be sure to ask you, worry not :wink:

Mostyl this is the result of learning different things in different places. Just the fact that I have hugo working, on github, using git, is huge. All of this was alien to me not even two months ago – and I do this whenever I can get away from a project at work :stuck_out_tongue:

THANK you for helping (and teaching!) me.