[SOLVED] Selecting menu items opens blank screen

Hi, I’m using the Blackburn theme. See the code at https://github.com/david-j-m/rfp
The home page is fine.
I have a menu in the sidebar with 5 items (the five folders in the content folder, each with _index.md ) clicking any of these items produces a blank screen - no 404, or any other error, just a blank white screen.
Please can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong.


I suggest using a simpler theme until you’ve figured out the content layout. Normally you put all your pages into a section, maybe called pages, and then set a permalink pattern to remove the section from the URL.

Currently all your pages are sitting in the content folder, and you don’t set permalinks anywhere, so I would make sure you get those working; the theme will work once you know which template you are calling for those pages.

Thanks Maiki for your input

Can you suggest a good starter theme, I’d specially like to understand the menu system, so if you can suggest a simple theme with menus it would be appreciated.



Page bundles are pretty tricky to get your head around…but I think that’s where you’re finding problems.

First step, read this great explanation of hugo page bundles, especially the flow chart down the bottom.

I think you’ll find you want to be using leaf not branch bundles. So rename all your _index.md and replace them with index.md. And also, the way the blackburn theme works is that the homepage (index.html) shows a list of your most recent ‘blog posts’. So it doesn’t work with an _index.md file in the /content directory (or, by the way, an index.md file). What you need to do is start writing some content in the /posts directory, and that will start populating your front page.

Hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion… Take a look at:

It’s part of a list of simple themes on the theme site you may find useful as you’re getting started. Many of them have menus.

Thanks for all the help, pointers and tips, really appreciated.
I’m taking a bit of time to find my way round - and into - Hugo. At 1st I thought this static site business was about getting back to basics - just throwing together a little html, css and javascript like in the old days - I now see I can forget that, but I also understand that Hugo has great potential and I want to be in there.
I still like my initial template using the Blackburn theme:

but I understand from the author Yoshiharu Yamashita that there’s a problem with the menus which stops them from opening beyond the 1st level, he suggested I try Hugo-learn-theme but I’d like something a little simpler.
Are there any other themes that would give a sidebar with a vertical menu and page content on the right.


You might just eyeball the screenshots in the theme directory: https://themes.gohugo.io/

Yes I found the Hyde theme there, so far so good