[SOLVED] Mixing block templates and partials?

I am doing a refactor of an existing theme, and am very intrigued by using block templates.

However, it seems like I cannot call a partial inside of a template that is part of the block setup?

For example, I have layouts/_default/baseof.html which has a bunch of stuff, and includes {{- block "main" . }} {{- end -}}

Then, inside my templates, I have something like this:

{{ define "main" }}

<div class = "row">
  <div class = "col-md-12">
    {{ if eq .File.BaseFileName "welcome"}}
      {{ partial "welcome.html ."}}
    {{ end }}

{{ end }}

If I replace {{ partial "welcome.html ."}} with just some text, it works fine. But it never loads the content of the partial.

Can I not mix partials and block templates?

I have not had any issues mixing and matching both, with the exception of a lot of nested partials…which seems to cause a race error that killed my server. However, bep put together a workaround for this in the dev branch. I can’t test right now because I’m in a meeting, but isn’t something off in your example? For example, the “.” being inside the quotations rather than outside of it. If this works, disregard…

OMG. I am an idiot. Thanks. Not enough coffee. That fixed it. Sigh.