[SOLVED] In which folder upload files to have access?


Where(in which folder) can I save files and have access over the domain on a hugo site?

Hugo Domain: xyz.com

Access: xyz.com/thatsme.jpg

The static folder in your project directory is copied over as-is. So, static/thatsme.jpg.

do I have to specify this somewhere?

Because when I go to domain.com/static/thatsme.jpg
I get the error: 404 Not Found

for domain.com/thatsme.jpg too.

I use the one page creative theme…

It is copied over without the static. So if you have yourproject/static/thatsme.jpg, it should be available at whateveryouputasyourbaseurl/thatsme.jpg.

yes I put it in that. It’s in myproject/static

when I open it “mysite.com/thatsme.jpg” there is this error:
404 Not Found

ok now it’s working. I forgot to enable it in der server configuration file… thank you!

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