[Solved] How to use Hugo on linuxmint from .deb install

Hi, I changed my OS (arch -> linuxmint) and I just installed the last version of hugo with the .deb file. But when I tried hugo server the bash says that /usr/bin/hugo: no file or folder of this type (approximatively translated from French ^^).

How do I use hugo when I installed it from a .deb?

Thanks =)


Hugo doesn’t have any special requirement, so you should look up installing with .deb archives, and how to troubleshoot them. Common issues is about adding executables to your path, or installation location issues.

Try typing which hugo to see what it says. Also, search the forums for what other folks have done with .deb archives. :slight_smile:

Hum…thanks for your answer first!
Then, I restarted my computer and…it worked fine ^^"

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