SOLVED: How to stop newline after shortcode output?

I have a VERY simply shortcode, “productname.html”, that refers to a config parameter:


When I write content containing “{{<productname>}}'s the best” the rendered HTML includes a trailing newline, which results in unwanted whitespace before my apostrophe. eg: Super Product 's the best

I have a work-around, but it’s very silly. I extend the shortcut so that it understands parameters,

{{.Site.Params.productname}}{{ if .Get 0}}{{index .Params 0}}{{ end }}

… and now I can write content like: “{{<productname> "'s"}} the best

Is there any way around this? Alternatively, is there a smarter way to make config parameters appear in content?

Thank you!

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Thank you for the pointer. I’m not sure this is expected behaviour, given practically every text editor on earth puts an EOL marker of some kind at the end of a line, but that’s fine. I can work around it.

I’m really enjoying getting to know Hugo.

Try the -}} syntax as template enddelimiter

Tantalising! Sadly, my search skills apparently are not up to the task. I can’t find any reference to defining a template enddelimiter (or end delimiter!)

Found it here – and it works!

ie: My simple shortcode, “productname.html”, that refers to a config parameter now looks like this:

{{- .Site.Params.productname -}}


Perhaps you have any suggestion on how to fix my new line problem. Here is my shortcode:

{{if in .Page.Permalink “xap97”}}{{“”}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap100”}}{{“”}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap101”}}{{“”}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap102”}}{{“”}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap110”}}{{“”}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap120”}}{{“”}}

If its the last case, then there is no newline generated, all other cases produce a newline.
If I put the entire statement on one line it does not produce any newlines.
In order to maintain my code I would like to keep it in the above form.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I haven’t tested it, and am no Hugo expert, but I don’t see any evidence that you have tried the -}} syntax as discussed in this topic. Maybe give that a go :slight_smile:

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