[Solved] How to create multiple pages like homepage?

Hi there!

I have a website where I’d like to have multiple landing-like pages. You can find a snapshot on github pages.

The homepage’s layout

I have a page dedicated to my Kickstarter project. I’d like the content to be arranged just like the homepage: 2 columns and a row at the bottom. All 3 zones filled with a different content file.
I’d like to keep the roadmaps in their own markdown/content files, so they are easy to update. Just like I’m doing for the homepage.

I’ve searched the forums and read the docs for a while now, tried multiple approches, but I can’t get any to work. I have gaq/single.html and list.html templates in my template folder. The following code, similar to what I’m using on the homepage, doesn’t seem to work in other templates. I couldn’t get readDir to work either.

{{range where .Data.Pages "Type" "gaq"}}
<div class="col-md-6">
  {{.Content }}
{{ end }}

This returns the following error:

I’ve searched the forums, read the documentation a few times and I feel blocked right now. I did try to use Data files, but they’re not great in this case. May anyone have an idea to get past this problem?

Thanks much,

Solved thanks to @bep in that thread:

{{ where .Site.Pages “Section” “=” “mySection” )

I used .Data.Pages just like on the homepage template instead, which returns an error.