[Solved] Help using nested loops with Related Content indices

I’m curious for the best way to loop over nested content when using Related Content indices.

For example, I have related content called reviews_books that lists books in a book review. To access it from a review, I can:

{{ $reviewsbooks := where ( .Site.RegularPages.RelatedIndices . "reviews_books" ) "Type" "books" }}

And then I can list all the books a review mentions:

{{ range $reviewsbooks }}{{ .Params.name }}{{ end }}

That works great. But, I also want to access the index books_author, which is only accessible from the context of a reviews_books instance.

What I want, in pseudocode:

Range over $reviewsbooks
	For this book, range over `books_author` and return as $authors

Bonus context: in many places I’m going to combine them so it will read Herman Melville's _Moby Dick_, or Ann Patchett's _State of Wonder_, and _Commonwealth_, or even: Ann Patchett's _State of Wonder_, and _Commonwealth_, and Herman Melville's _Moby Dick_. I’ve solved this problem before in other templating languages, but I’m looking for the cleanest most Golang like way of expressing this problem.

What’s keeping you from using .RelatedIndices on the books you are ranging on ? It will slow down the build a tiny bit, but I can’t imagine any alternative unfortunately.

{{ $reviewsbooks := where ( .Site.RegularPages.RelatedIndices . "reviews_books" ) "Type" "books" }}

{{ range $reviewsbooks }}
     {{ range where ( $.Site.RegularPages.RelatedIndices . "yourAuthorIndice" ) "Type" "author" }}
        [ iterate over authors ]
     {{ end }}
{{ end }}

@regis That did it. I was getting tripped up on syntax. Thanks!