[solved] Gitignore public + gh-pages branch

Regarding the following tutorial:

I was curious if anyone knew how to enable .gitignore file to exclude the “public/” directory for the purposes of committing to the master branch, while enabling content in “public/” to be committed to the gh-pages branch?

Maybe does this blog post about “Gitignore for different Branches UPDATE” help you.

Actually, I found this tutorial, and it’s perfect. https://gist.github.com/chrisjacob/825950

One important change is to remove the “gh-pages” branch from the “parent” local repo in addition to removing the “master” branch from the sub-folder repo clone, but only locally.

In github, you’ll still have 1 repo with 2 branches “master”, and “gh-pages”. Locally, you’ll have a 2 repos, one nested in the other, each with only one branch.

Thanks for sharing. This could be usefor for me in the future.