[Solved] Generate wrong Image relative URL

I have a baseURL = "http://example.com/blog/"
I have an image in post: ![This is an image in "static/image" folder.](/image/example.jpg)

In my site, It’s generate <img src="/image/example.jpg" alt="This is an image in "static/image" folder.">

The right HTML relative URL maybe should be

I find a solution Image path,
we could use canonifyURLs= true resolve this problem.
But I think this maybe still be a problem.

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.40.1 linux/amd64

That is because of how your markdown is being parsed. You are given the image an absolute path (the first forward slash in `/image/example.jpg). If you remove the first forward slash then the link changes to a relative path based on which page you’re accessing.

The baseURL config doesn’t affect links set in markdown.

Thank you very much for your reply.
I got it.