[SOLVED] Doing something wrong with Page Variables

I’m trying to use front matter metadata in my asciidoc content files, using the Docdock theme. Here’s the entire file content for index.adoc:

title = "A Page Title"
description = "A description" 
categories = ["Reference"]
date = "2018-10-04"
slug = "some-slug"
tags = ["another", "useless", "tag"]
keywords =  ["another", "useless", "tag"]

= {{ $.Page.Title }}

{{ $.Page.Description }}

“A Page Title” is displayed as an

, but the page contents is “{{ $.Page.Description }}” instead of the actual description. What did I miss?

You cannot use template code in content files. You need to look into shortcodes if you need that.

Doh. I knew this.

For completeness, you can use template syntax in the archetype content files that is used by hugo new.