[Solved] disablePathToLower doesn't work for taxonomic terms

I’m migrating an existing site to Hugo, and trying to preserve the same URL structure. I’ve set disablePathToLower to keep the capitalization the same, and this is working fine for posts, but the tags are still having their URLs converted to lowercase. Is there a separate option needed to disable this function for taxonomies?

Bumping as I tried filing this as a bug and was advised by @bep to continue the conversation on Discourse.

So, the terms are converted to lowercase by default. You should be able to use preserveTaxonomyNames=true.

Thanks, that does exactly what I need. I didn’t expect there to be a different option for taxonomies.

How does this interact with #2835 Deprecate preserveTaxonomyNames? It sounds like the plan is for this option to go away eventually, will there then be a way to continue using this URL format somehow? I’d be fine with setting a slug for each term the way I had to do for posts, but as I understand it this is not an option at the moment.

It is’nt really the same thing, but let’s take that discussion another day :slight_smile: