[SOLVED] Build runtime error

Do you know why in my prev-in-subsection and next-in-subsection navigation the date order is not respected, and also why I have the following error?

ERROR 2018/02/17 14:18:18 Failed to render "C:\\laragon\\www\\inwardmovement.github.io\\layouts\\poems\\single.html": runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

My next/prev navigation code is here.

I tried this solution and the - -renderToDisk one with no success…

I don’t see a with .Prev and with .Next in that code snippet you linked. What you linked will of course fail with that error because a .Prev or a .Next page might not always be present.

Yes because it didn’t change anything to the error so I removed it, but I just put it back so you can see.

Ok so thanks to this bep’s code it seems to work, so far.