[SOLVED] After update 0.29 -> 0.35 some pages are no longer generated

After the update, some html files are no longer generated. For example, the index url mycompany(dot)com works. However, mycompany(dot)com/careers/ or other pages on that level do not work since no html files were generated. For some baffling reason say mycompany(dot)com/careers/examplecareer/ works just like before. The sites do not show a 404, an empty page is shown instead. I have not made any changes to the site after the update and when rolling back to 0.29 or 0.32 it works as intended. Please advise.

If it works with Hugo 0.32 you need to post a link to your site’s source code. It’s impossible to say what’s wrong.

Unfortunately, I am bound by the NDA of my company so sharing the source isn’t really an option right now. I can, however, confirm that there are no index.md files on the project. I only have _index.md files.

Uh, can you make a copy of your repo and anonymize the content then, or, make a gist to show the relevant files. Super hard to say anything.

Draft documentation for the Page Bundles: index.md vs _index.md.

This explains the differences between the index.md (that result in regular pages) vs _index.md (that result in section pages). So, basically if everything is _index.md, you don’t have any regular pages! You would need to rename the _index.md to index.md for the non-section pages.

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Luckily, the same issue seems to exist with another project of mine which is not classified. If I can fix this I can probably fix the company site as well. https://github.com/Juhannuspukki/pollex-web-17

@Juhannuspukki The issue you’re having is that those pages don’t have a specified layout. That’s why those pages are empty but aren’t 404ing. In your theme, you’ll need to either create a layout in layouts/SECTION/list.html or a default layout for all list pages in layouts/_default/list.html.

Hugo could probably afford to have better error output for this rather than simply failing silently. If anyone else agrees let me know and I’ll file an issue.

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Thank you! I believe you have solved the issue.

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Great to hear. Best of luck with your site :slight_smile: