Integrating social media icon into theme that does not already exist

I want to use the Cocoa theme, but the social media bar at the bottom of the page does not have Instagram integrated into it, which is one of my most used social media accounts, so I would like to have it on there. How do I customize it so that I can insert an Instagram icon and link it to my page?

Hi @amy_shi Not trying to pick on you here, but again, this is one of those times where you’ll be much more productive if you can show people your source code. This also isn’t a “feature” of Hugo as much as it is a feature of the theme you are trying to use. If you want this additional feature added to theme, I would recommend putting in a request in the GH repo for this additional functionality.

I apologize. I am new to Hugo so I realized when I posted on here that some of the questions I had would sound naive and silly.

Not silly at all :smile: It’s okay. I asked much sillier questions when I first started Hugo too. If you can point to a repo, I’m sure someone can help you on these boards.