Site structure without theme and Post Css

Hi there,
i’m new to hugo and i’m using to build my organization website.
So far is all great but i’m struggle a bit to build this site without a theme - there are not so many example.
Anyway i make everything works properly except the home page which i cannot make it show up.
Maybe someone can give me a little hint here?
Here is the repo:

Other question:
Did anyone manage to use Hugo with a css preprocessor?
Maybe Sass or even better PostCss?

Hi you can use gulp, Brunch or whatever you like.
Currently i am working with
Hugo-Init from @serg

Background Info

You need a index.html layout file in the root of the layouts folder.

Put this on it:

{{ define "main" }}

    <h1>This is the index.html layout file </h1>
    Where you homepage content must be. :)

{{ end }}


Hey @sjardim thank you for your replay.
yeah creating a new layout is a way but tbh my aim is to not create a new layout for each page.
Index.html will use the same layout as other simple page so i would like to use the same single layout that i.e. about page use.
In content/about i set layout = 'single' and i can see about page under /about.
Why I cannot do the same for index??

For reference: i followed this tutorial

You don’t need to create a new layout for each page regarding the homepage because a site has only ONE homepage. So that’s why I showed the easiest way, by creating an index.html file.

But if you want to keep only the minimal set of layouts possible, you have to study more about Hugo’s lookup order. See that the homepage will NEVER inherit a “single.html” layout because it’s considered a list page.

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I see! now make much more sense :smiley: Thank you @sjardim
I will keep reading :slight_smile: