.Site.RegularPages and baseURL

I tried my best to search for a solution to my problem but could not. May be used wrong keys.

Here is my problem

I have empty baseURL in my config.toml , with that if I run hugo server -D I get expected result where .Site.RegularPages is not empty But with the same, if I create the static website it by just running hugo in the final output .Site.RegularPages is empty so those page links do not show up.

I am running
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.65.2-C1EB62512 windows/amd64 BuildDate: 2020-02-21T10:38:54Z

Sorry a newbie question

Hi there,

The -D means that hugo builds draft pages. Is your content in draft: true mode? That would explain why it appears when you use hugo server -D and not hugo.

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Thank you! Yes, that was the issue, you nailed it :grinning: