.Site.Permalinks deprecated then what?

I’m using Hugo V0.63
When I execute the hugo command, I get an error message:
.Site.Permalinks is deprecated and will be removed in Hugo 0.64.0.

For this project I really need the feature of rewriting urls for category pages and blog posts.
And I can’t imagine a future version of Hugo without this feature.

Does anybody know how to rewrite urls in future releases of Hugo ?

Hi, looks like I’m newer to Hugo than you are. There is a lot of settings for permalinks available to you.

If this does not help, give us more details about your project, goal etc…


Thanks for your answer.
But I already knew this page and it doesn’t seem to help me with my problem:

My website has two main sections: a shop (/shop/) and a blog (/blog/).
I am using 4 taxonomies for the shop (collections, categories, featured, designs) and 1 taxonomy for the blog (b_categories).
I want all my shop taxonomies to have their urls with this structure /shop/TaxonomyName/TaxonomyTerm
and for my blog: /blog/TaxonomyName/TaxonomyTerm

I have set my config.toml file like this:

blog = “/blog/:slug/”

collections = "/shop/collections/:slug/"
featured = "/shop/featured/:slug/"
categories = "/shop/categories/:slug/"
designs = "/shop/designs/:slug/"

b_categories = "/blog/categories/:slug/"

Everything works fine so far. But I can’t figure out how I can do this without the Permalinks feature in the config.toml file.

Am I missing something ?

May I ask why you do not want to use the permalinks settings in your config file?

Actually I do want to use the permalinks settings in my config file. But it seems that starting with version 0.64 this feature will be removed. Or may be I’m wrong. What about the error message “.Site.Permalinks deprecated” then ?

Oh .Site.Permalinks is refering to an obsolete Site Variables which I have never used…

You’re safe using the permalinks settings.

Note: The permalinks feature works fine and is not deprecated; it’s just the .Site.Permalinks attribute. You don’t need that to configure permalinks.

OK, thanks. :+1: