.Site.Params not working if partial with dict

I have


imgThemeDir = 'images/'



<img src='{{ .Site.Params.imgThemeDir }}{{ .img }}' />


{{ $img := "img.jpg" }}
{{ partial "block_title" ( dict "img" $img ) }}

<img src='img.jpg' />

without ‘images/’


I tried
{{ partial "block_title" ( dict "img" $img "context" . ) }}


<img src='{{ .context.Site.Params.imgThemeDir }}{{ .img }}' />

But It also doesn’t work.

I think you need to pass in the context to your partial, something like:

{{ partial "block_title" ( dict "img" $img ) . }}

I had issues not getting site params rendered in my partials once I did that it worked, good luck.

Thank you for your reply. But it also don’t work.

Did you try debugging without the img var?

{{ partial "block_title" . }}

Just to check if it’s actually passing in the context to the partial.

Also try debugging inside the partial like it says in the docs: https://gohugo.io/templates/debugging

Just to make sure the partial is getting values, good luck.

I tried this. Without dict () {{ .Site.Params.imgThemeDir }} works.

What is dict supposed to do?

I think you can just pass in the img var after the context.

{{ partial "block_title" .  $img }}

Or you can probably concatenate the site params and the img var and pass that value into the partial.

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It’s doesn’t work.

It’s the solution. Thank you.

But I would be undestand why {{ .Site.Params.imgThemeDir }} doesn’t work with dict.
I tried
{{ partial "block_title" ( dict "img" $img "context" . ) }}
<img src='{{ .context.Site.Params.imgThemeDir }}{{ .img }}' />

But It also doesn’t work.

I wish I could give you an answer but my Go knowledge is very limited I just started using hugo 3 weeks ago myself and I’m still learning :-/

Glad my suggestion helped you solve your problem, hopefully someone with more experience can provide more details as to why what you were trying doesn’t work.

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Same issue here :frowning:

Context matters. The context inside the partial is defined by what you pass to it. You can’t just reference .Site from inside a partial and assume it will work. A partial can only receive a single parameter, so you’re doing well by passing a dictionary/map.

# Pass in the theme directory as an item in the dictionary param to the 
{{ $img := "img.jpg" }}
{{ partial "block_title" ( dict "dir" .Site.Params.imgThemeDir "img" $img ) }}


<img src='{{ .dir }}{{ .img }}' />
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This is what solved it for me, thanks!