Single view of information on data/articles.json

Is there any way to have a permalink that shows information from a single entry from a JSON file?

I’m aware this isn’t the usual way of publishing posts or pages, but I am trying to use Hugo for an edge case. It’s a website that aggregates daily searches in a number of verified sources and links back to them.

The information comes from an API and the single.html will show a summary and some metadata from the search.

Is this even possible ?

Option A - Pages from Data

Perhaps the cleanest approach is to automatically create a page for each entry in the JSON file. Hugo can’t do that yet. See:

Option B - List Everything, Display None/One

Next you could look at creating a monolithic page with all of the entries, each encapsulated by a parent element with a unique id and CSS display property set to none. Then include the unique id in the URL (e.g.,, and use some JS to toggle the CSS display property of the related element.

Option C - gomplate


n.b. I have no experience with this approach.

Option D - External Script

Something like

n.b. I have no experience with this approach.

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Thank you for the in-depth answer @jmooring :slightly_smiling_face:

Option B feels like it’s easier for me to achieve with what I know of JS but the JSON file will eventually grow and when that time comes I will move on to Gomplate. Wouldn’t like to have the user download 1 or 10Mb of JSON just to view one single entry.