Single page template lookup order

In the docs it states the look up order for single page templates (not using a theme so I skipped those):

- /layouts/<TYPE>/<LAYOUT>.html
- /layouts/<SECTION>/<LAYOUT>.html
- /layouts/<TYPE>/single.html
- /layouts/<SECTION>/single.html
- /layouts/_default/single.html

I have a section/folder called videos inside of Content, in one of the files there I have this for the front matter:

layout: youtube
title: Using the Canvas Wrap Layout Actions
description: Quick and easy demo of the Canvas Wrap Layout Actions
sortnum: 1
postedon: July 11th, 2011
youtubeurl: Jifvy-BZ4qI
type: photoshop

In my layouts folder I have a folder called videos (which is the section/folder name where the file is located) and inside that I have a file called youtube.html.

but it doesn;t work, it is pulling in the main template rather than the youtube layout I specified.
Shouldn’t it work as it is the same as the second one in the docs? /layouts/<SECTION>/<LAYOUT>.html

If I run with verbose on I get:

Unable to locate layout for "page": [photoshop/youtube1.html.html photoshop/youtube1.html _default/youtube1.html.html _default/youtube1.html theme/photoshop/youtube1.html.html theme/photoshop/youtube1.html theme/_default/youtube1.html.html theme/_default/youtube1.html]

it isn’t even looking at the section - videos.
Hugo vs 27.1

I am still learning hugo so I assume I am doing something wrong, but it looks correct to me.

If I remove Type from the front matter it works as I expect. Maybe I am using Type incorrectly, I can just change that to something else and then it will do what I want I think.


ok sounds good.