'Single page' for taxonomies

Perhaps the only thing that’s stopping me from recommending Hugo for larger scale projects (e-commerce + content) is how Hugo doesn’t duplicate posts as a child under taxonomies.

Current behaviour:

If you click on a post within the taxonomy, it takes you to the original /products/SINGLE_PAGE page.

Preferred Behaviour:

  • Most e-commerce websites, the CMS (like Shopify) would duplicate the entire single product page under the category again, with a “canonical” meta field within the single page that refers the original page.

Apart from tremendously impacting SEO, this could also perhaps help us to allow for users to navigate of single posts within the Taxonomy itself. Where the {{.NextInSection}} can link to the next post within the taxonomy ( for single pages in the Taxonomy) and continue behaving in the current way for single posts within the main list page.