Simple HTML Form?

Hi, I am looking at Hugo to deploy thousands (via getJson or csv) of pages as a crowd task. All i need is a simple radio button form and the ability to submit to an external url. it doesnt look like its possible at the moment. I saw last year that forms were on the radar. any update on this?

@sluffer I’m not sure what your limitation would be in terms of a simple “post” action in an HTML form. Couldn’t you add this to one of your layouts? If not, there are plenty of embedded solutions: jotform, wufoo, etc.

I’m interested to know your plans on how to use getCSV or getJSON. If you’re looking to collect user information that then posts to the site, you could do something as simple as embedding a google form that pushes the data to a Google sheet that’s published as a CSV every time a new entry is added. Then schedule your Hugo site to, say, build every few minutes and push to Github. I have a similar process for a documentation site leveraging google drive, but it’s an internal-only site.

Just be sure to run your build while ignoring the cache or you won’t be grabbing a fresh CSV from the Google sheet.

Are you willing to share a bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish? I’m curious.

@rdwatters I have a big json or csv file to start with (say with fields “free text”, “id”, “option1” “option2”). I want to deploy each of the line items as a page that interfaces with a crowd task platform. so for each csv line or json doc, a page gets generated with the data filled in, and a radio button form for e.g. sentiment analysis, and a submit button with to the crowd platform api. If generating a ton of pages is where hugo shines, and such a form is possible, then this is a great use case for hugo

I was overthinking it. i can just add anything I want to the layouts.