Simple graphs

Hi there,

If I wanted some simple bar charts in my blog, how would go about achieving that in 2020? Using gnuplot with term svg or am I missing something newer and easier to use?


Hugo has nothing for this out of the box.

You can define your own template / partial / shortcode to create all needed page content.
I would try to generate embedded SVG without external tools.

If the charts don’t change - generate it extern as image.

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SVG samples here


Hi there … a few Hugo themes have a shortcode and use Mermaid.js for graphs - it can do simple stuff all the way through to gantt charts

I’ve not used it - but just google around

specifically the Academic theme …

and also …

While Mermaid is nice for certain types of diagrams (gantt, flow diagrams), I think you are looking for something different and might want to try the following stuff:

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Do you have URLs to the generated graphs? Struggling to see a demo / screenshot.

For the echarts implementation of LoveIt you can find an example in its documentation.

For C3 in the Dusky Neon Potato theme I know no example.

I tried both methods in my local development environment and my impression is that C3 (basically a kind of wrapper for D3js to make it more comfortable) easier to learn but not that powerful as echarts, which in turn has a steeper learning curve.