Show List of Certain Blog Posts, leave out into on page 2

Hello there,

recently started playing around with Hugo and I do really love it. The thing I want to do is to have a list of blog posts with different tags and have a separate page where I show a list of blog posts for a specific tag including a little intro. I am almost there. Thanks to the Congo theme I got a ton of inspiration.

The way I did it is this. I created a branch bundle like this:

# content/hot_topic/

title: "HOT TOPIC!!!!"
showAuthor: false
showDate: false
showReadingTime: false

Generic Description about the topic


# 2021

# article 1
# article 2
# etc ..

To customize the list, this is what I came up with:

{{ define "main" }}
  {{ partial "section-header.html" . }}
  {{ $pages := where .Site.RegularPages "Params.tags" "intersect" (slice "hot_topic") }}
  {{ if gt $pages 0 }}
      {{ range (.Paginate ($pages.GroupByDate "2006")).PageGroups }}
        {{ if $.Params.groupByYear | default ($.Site.Params.list.groupByYear | default true) }}
          <h2 class="mt-12 text-2xl font-bold first:mt-8 text-neutral-700 dark:text-neutral-300">
            {{ .Key }}
          <hr class="border-dotted border-neutral-400 w-36" />
        {{ end }}
        {{ range .Pages }}
          {{ partial "article-link.html" . }}
        {{ end }}
      {{ end }}
    {{ partial "pagination.html" . }}
  {{ else }}
    <section class="mt-10 prose dark:prose-light">
      <p class="py-8 border-t">
        <em>{{ i18n "list.no_articles" | emojify }}</em>
  {{ end }}
{{ end }}

This pretty much gets me where I want (I’m open to suggestions on how to improve this, not quite happy that I’ll have to overwrite the whole list.html …)

I will see the generic description about the topic and after that I see the list of articles related to that topic (defined by the tags in the pages).

The only thing left is: I don’t want to see the generic description on page 2. It’s a minor thing but I feel there is a way to get there.

So is there a way to disable this text on any page after 1?