Show active menu for kind page?

Thanks for the workaround. I do agree that the documentation is not clear or the code is not working for single pages.

The docs and example for sectionPagesMenu works for Home (/), and sections (e.g. /posts/) and section pages (e.g. /posts/my-post-title/) but not for something like (/about/).

The docs for .IsMenuCurrent states:

.IsMenuCurrent is a method in Page object returning a boolean value. It returns true if the PAGE is the same object as the .Page in MENUENTRY in a given MENU.

Why then does a menu entry for /about/ not return true for the page /about/? I tried to troubleshoot but I got a bit lost in the codebase.

@joshmorel Here’s one solution to this

Thanks for sharing @zwbetz

I must not know how to discourse. Why was my reply created as a separate thread and not just a reply to .IsMenuCurrent returns false for single pages?

I moved it. Since that thread was already marked as solved, I moved your question to a new thread, and linked the old thread.

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Ah okay thanks for the explanation. I thought I did something weird.