Should I provide support for alternative JS dependencies of my theme?

I’m developing a Hugo theme that uses bootstrap and jquery. I bundle these dependencies in the mytheme/static/js directory.

I’m wondering how my theme should react if user of my theme wants to use a different version of bootstrap/jquery outside of my theme files? Should I provide support for this? Or maybe should I move dependency management from the theme entirely to site param config? Is there a best practice for this in Hugo?

Wouldn’t using a different version of Bootstrap / jQuery break some layouts of your theme ?

I don’t know. Maybe I will add some new dependency in the future. And then another one, and another one etc. So I want to be sure that this problem will never appear.

Hugo doesn’t dictate any such use case since these are non-Hugo dependencies.

Yes, this is obvious. I just wondering how theme itself should resolve such issue.

Site that uses my theme can implement custom pages, styles and scripts, am I correct? I want to give my theme users all possible freedom to use any dependencies they wants. So the topic question is important for me.

A theme should allow selection of templates.
Asset ( CSS version etc. ) level customization is generally not a good idea.
One may allow CSS overrides within the same version for CSS, just like Bootstrap overrides work.

Implementing this feature in Hugo is dependent on how you will be using the assets ( locally building from source or using CDN or using Hugo SASS ). Hence, there is no generic step of instructions for this case. It is upto such workflow implementer.