Shortcodes parameters and line breaks


I’d like to rewrite the quotes in my articles, using a shortcode. But those quotes are special : there are two quotes in one element. The first is the quote in a source langage, and the second is the translation of the quote, like this :

<figure class="quote clearfix">
<blockquote class=quote-sourcelang>
<blockquote class=quote-targetlang>
<footer>Book, p. 1</footer>

The problem is, if we write this :

{{< quote
  targetlang="translated text"
  footer="Book, p. 1" >}}

We can’t anymore break into lines the long quotes so that the code remains easily editable, because line breaks in shortcode parameters yield an error.

So I don’t know what to do, should I just keep the html code or is there a better way ?