Shortcodes are not rendered properly in {{<highlight>}} blocks

I have a {{<b>}} shortcode which just does <strong>{{.Inner}}</strong>.

When I use it in code fences like this, it works perfectly and makes the part of the code block bolder in <pre>:

- {{<b>}}key: value{{</b>}}

However, in a {{<highlight>}} block, it doesn’t work:

{{<highlight yaml>}}
- {{<b>}}key: value{{</b>}}

It escapes the <strong> HTML tags, and instead of using it HTML, it prints it like this:

- <strong>key: value</strong>

Should {{<highlight>}} be doing things differently to support this? Or is this a Hugo limitation/by-design?

What Hugo version do you use? I remember us fixing a related issue recently.