Shortcode doesn't accept number

need help here

this line failed,

{{< teksleaf type="large" count=10 >}}

error message

ERROR: 2015/08/07 mn:9: unterminated quoted string in shortcode parameter-argument: '10 >}}'

does shortcodes accept string only?



I realize that wasn’t very helpful … Shortcode parameters mimic HTTP parameters; i.e. all strings and the datatype is contextual.

If you could tell a little more about your problem, maybe someone can chime in with a workaround?

no worries :smile: I just clarifying it’s not a bug. Maybe I use shortcodes not as it was intended.

I was trying to pass argument that can be use to limit

{{ range (where .Site.Pages ".Weight" "<=" (.Get "count" )) }}

Or hugo has something like string to number conversion function?


A hackish way would be

{{ range (where .Site.Pages ".Weight" "<=" (add (.Get "count") 0 )) }}


What you’re doing looks to be the role of the template, and you may be in for some surprises … I have talked about the chicken and the egg re. shortcodes before (remember: shortcodes live on a page).

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Yeah. Thanks for the hackish way. I’m moving to template now. Seems more appropriate.

There is no casting function available in Go templates?

I’m trying to use first n in a shortcode with n being passed in as a variable. It has to be a shortcode because the content is markdown.

I tried your suggested hack with:

{{ range first (add (.Get "first") 0) .Page.Site.Pages }}
  {{ if in .Params.tags .Get "tag" }}
    {{ .Render "teaser" }}
  {{ end }}
{{ end }}

Which gave me the error:

ERR: template: shortcodes/content-by-tag.html:4:18: executing "shortcodes/content-by-tag.html" at <add (.Get "first") 0>: error calling add: Can't apply the operator to the values

I get a l little dizzy about what was added when, but in Hugo 0.16 there is both a string and a int (and also a slice) template func …

I have checked, and add doesn’t accept strings, so that will not help. But this should work:

{{ range first (.Get “first”) .Page.Site.Pages }}

As first should cast to int fine.

Ahhh, first does indeed cast the value to an integer. Since I was listing the first n items, then filtering them I kept getting no results.