Short code error

I just upgraded to version 0.17.

The following code work in 0.15 but gives me an error with 0.17

{{if in .Page.Permalink “xap97”}}{{index .Page.Site.Params.xap97 (.Get 0)}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap100”}}{{index .Page.Site.Params.xap100 (.Get 0)}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap101”}}{{index .Page.Site.Params.xap101 (.Get 0)}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap102”}}{{index .Page.Site.Params.xap102 (.Get 0)}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap102”}}{{index .Page.Site.Params.xap102 (.Get 0)}}
{{else if in .Page.Permalink “xap110”}}{{index .Page.Site.Params.xap110 (.Get 0)}}
{{else}}{{index .Page.Site.Params.xap120 (.Get 0)}}{{end}}

Here is the error I am getting

ERROR: 2016/10/13 15:47:34 shortcode.go:586: error processing shortcode shortcodes/version.html
ERR: template: shortcodes/version.html:7:10: executing “shortcodes/version.html” at <index .Page.Site.Par…>: error calling index: value is nil; should be of type string

Any idea whats going on here ?

@croffler Can you show me the shortcode (version.html) or point me to a repo? I’m guessing you are missing an ordered or named parameter (it’s expecting a string) in one of the instances where you are using this shortcode in your content files…

this is the shortcode I included.

I removed all the usage of this short code in the pages and the error still exists.

here is the repo