Service worker / cache issue

I thought the cache wasn’t working, so I asked on the chromium browser, and they responded this:

To simplify this for Saada, this is your site’s problem. A service worker is javascript included with your web page. This API is useful if you understand how to use it. Since we don’t know your web site’s intent, we can’t say why you decided to code this statement. If you did not code this statement, then you probably included it from a package you are using on your web page.

I use the hugo-book theme, but the author hasn’t responded yet, and I’m not sure he came up with it. Perhaps it’s hugo’s thing ?

I don’t understand javascript matters or caching at all, but I know something’s off.

This is not a Hugo thing. Talk to your theme author.

so by default, if said theme didn’t include this “feature”, cache would work fine ?

Hugo has no service workers by default. Either you or your theme included one.

I know nothing about caching, just what it’s supposed to do, not HOW it does it.
Without service workers, would caching works by default ?

What caching? Your question is vague. What are you using the service worker for?

Ay ay…
I just want already visited pages to have their resource automatically downloaded, to load said pages instantaneously from a cache instead of requesting them from the network, unless the local page is too old. Isn’t that what caching is about ?!
Muh normie brain no groking more !

Have a read…

Ok, this is ridiculously complicated and I’m not touching that nor javascript, which makes my skin crawl.
I didn’t know that I thought a basic function would require all that mumbo-jumbo…
I hope the theme’s author responds and tells the correction but I’m sure as hell it doesn’t work as intended.

Still, thanks for the answer…

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