Seeking input on organizing taxonomy and front matter data for project

Good day Hugoians! (Do we have an official demonym for Hugo advocates yet?)

Since 2019 I have been working on a unique project of documenting every sunrise ( Currently I have all of 2019 photos published, but am working to get 2020 photos live, and eventually 2021.

Each sunrise is organized like so…

Currently I have permalinks for each individual year, month, date

My goal is to also create permalinks for each calendar date (all 366, including Feb 29), so I would eventually have

The goal being, so that myself and users can compare all photos taken from each each, for example see Feb 28, 2019, Feb 28, 2020, Feb 28, 2021 all on the same page.

Currently I have the date for each 2019 sunrise in the front matter 2019-06-16

The question: How would you go about creating the taxonomy or front Matter to produce the permalinks above for It would also be nice to have permalinks for so I can pull all the data from June. Would it be easier to to create 366 new markdown files for each date?

Before I commit to updating 365 previous posts, and create a structure for the next two years of sunrise posts, should I make a new taxonomy in the front matter or is there a way to break out the date format?

Let me know if that makes sense.


This is how I am generating chronological archives with taxonomies in Hugo.