See Markdown output after shortcode processing

Is there any way to see the output of Markdown after the shortcodes are processed? Or in other words is there a way to have standard Markdown as an alternative output in addition to HTML?

Shortcodes are useful for maintaining brevity, but since the pages that use shortcodes are not plain Markdown other tools cannot as easily reuse the Markdown. I’d like to wrap up all pages up as an ePUB book. I can use a tool like Pandoc to easily convert Markdown to various formats including ePUB, but the shortcodes do not get processed so messy, unprocessed shortcode markup gets shown. Having access to the intermediary Markdown after the shortcodes are processed would allow me to use different tooling to better reuse the same content.

Try .RawContent.

.RawContent still contains shortcodes markup from what I can see. Is there a way to see the Markdown after the shortcodes have been processed into HTML within the Markdown but otherwise the Markdown has not been processed?

.Content will give the HTML content of the whole page.

Ah, OK. No, currently that does not seem to be possible.