.Section is empty if index.md is present (Hugo 0.35)

{{ printf "%s" .Section }} show nothing for page /folder1/ if /folder1/index.md is present.

Hugo 0.30 in this example showed the name of the section. Is this how it should be?

Your post is a little short on info, so I will guess.

  • With bundles, /content/about/index.md is located in the root/aka home page section. So .Section is empty.
  • about is not a section. If you want it to be you need to rename index.md to _index.md
  • Also note there is a related bug-fix in 0.35. In 0.34 it was both a section and a regular page. This did not work very well.

It seems to me that the documentation should explain why /about/ is not a section.

I think it does. If not, documentation contributions are always welcome.