Search not working

my repo: nataliepjlin/bblist (
The search function works on the template demo, but the file that I cloned into my project doesn’t work neither locally or after publish. Is there any ways I can solve this problem?

Hi there,

the console reads GET NOT FOUND

It’s searching the index at the wrong place (it should be I think)

@iaeiou I now enable the canonifyURLs to “true”, but it still doesn’t work:(
The solution I have right now is to upload the index files to my github ( but I don’t feel like that is a permanent solution… Is there any places I can modify that?

search rely on /index.json, so you need to generate index.json by specifically configure it in your config

@Anthony_Henson Does configure it mean this?:small_red_triangle_down:
Or there’s something I missed adding?
Also it’s kind of weird that the search function on localhost doesn’t work either.

Multilingual was enable on your theme for DE and EN, according to default config your home page should be on: /en for English site and /de for Germany. index.html, index.rss and index.json (according to your ouputs config) will be placed on each lang folder.

So, its necessarily to adjust your /assets/js/search.js change on line 113 :
so the script correctly fetch the right JSON file

fetchJSONFile('/en/index.json', function (data) { ... }