SCSS conversion to CSS is hanging my machine. How to investigate this?

I’m using Foundation Framework SCSS for my website. Hugo builds the SCSS properly until I add an extra @include rule, for components/_button-group.scss, which causes the CPU load to rise to 100% and the machine to freeze.
Please help me with debugging this issue.

I’ve seen some reports about Foundation issue with the recent Libsass version.

I would first try the very recent Hugo version (0.70) – as that one updated to the lastest Libsass, which has a fair amount of fixes.

If that does not work, my best bet would be to find the Hugo version with a Libsass version that works for you (I guess Hugo 0.64).

The same issue persists in Hugo v0.70. I’ll have a look at older versions and ping back when I have time.

Following @bep’s workaround, I’ve installed Hugo v0.64.1 which is working for me.

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