frontend for managing data files? schemas are standard and widely used. Are there any front ends available so that non-technical users can edit or add new schema .org defined entries, which can then be spit into static JSON for consumption by hugo?

Desired result: Hugo site with multiple physical world event pages generated from JSON static data files. Non-technical users just enter and edit events (and other schema .org type items) in a web front end that is separate from the hugo site. I hook up front end to hugo so that changes get pushed to static site.

Here’s the scenario: I am crafting a hugo site for a music venue that has live music six nights a week. There is no need for the staff to get into the weeds with hugo, and I don’t want to be on the hook for updating the music calendar. It would be awesome if the booking manager can enter and edit details for each event such as date, time, cover charge, image, etc in a web front end. This can then be pulled into a static JSON file to be used by hugo to generate an overall calendar, event specific pages, json+ld for rich snippets, etc.

This is all fairly routine database front end type stuff, but everything here is covered by schema .org schemas. Surely someone has a schema .org front end project (which spits out static data files useful to hugo) already underway. I’d prefer to avoid re-work. I have looked, but can’t seem to find one.

Any pointers? Thanks!